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- Interior vacuum and
  clean only

(Time required: 30 minutes)
Premium Interior Clean
- Exterior foam wash, tyre shine and dry only

(Time required: 30 minutes)
Premium Exterior Wash
- Interior Vacuum
- Interior Clean
- Exterior Foam Wash
- Exterior Dry
- Spray Wax Application
- Tyre Shine

(Time required: 40 minutes)

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the automatic car wash scratch my car?
Most definitely not. Using an automated system is one of the safest ways to wash your car. It always uses the right amount of product for each cycle and the softcloth technology of the brushes is proven to be scratch free. We are happy to conduct a body report of your car with you prior to washing if this gives you extra piece of mind.
I do not own a Lexus vehicle, can I still use the car wash?
Yes, this is not a problem.
Will the foam wash remove all exterior marking from my car?
As with any hand car wash, the foam wash will not remove all stains. For example, stubborn bird droppings, or small fall out marks may be missed, but any dust or light dirt marks will be removed with ease.
What does the interior clean include?
The interior clean includes a vacuum of your floor mats, floor carpets and seats. It also includes a wipe down of your door trims and dash board to remove any light dirt spots.
Does this high pressure air dry remove all water drops from my car?
Not All water droplets will be removed, but 90% of water residue will be dried off the car.
What is detailing?
Detailing is a service that allows for a vehicle to be thoroughly cleaned inside and out to bring the vehicle up to an improved physical quality. It includes wiping of trims, polishing or possibly buffing of paint work, wiping of windows and wheels as well as cleaning of the boot, small compartments, steam cleaning of carpets and stain removal on upholstery. Detailing does not include major body work, painting, mechanical or upholstery repair, but can include polishing of body panels to eliminate and/or lessen the visibility of scratches. If you wish to book in for detailing, this is a separate service to this car wash. Please contact the team at Lexus of Brighton on
9524 2077 to discuss available options.
Can I make alterations to the wash option I choose?
Yes you can, however it will depend on availability. You can either request to change your booking upon arrival, or alternatively you can contact one of our service advisers on 9524 2077.
How long will each service take?
Premium Interior Wash − 30 mins
Premium Exterior Wash − 30 mins
Deluxe Wash − 40 mins